Cornwall Tree Surgeon Surgery

Toby Clark Tree Surgeon is a professional, high quality tree care company based in Penzance, Cornwall, and have been established for many years.

Toby Clark works all year round, however there is some obvious seasonal work :-
Cornwall Tree Surgeon


In winter, it is easier to assess the shape of the trees, and plan trees will have fallen.

We can also see where birds are nesting.
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In the Summer we are not allowed to do any work in trees where birds are nesting.

Plane trees have a dust on their leaves which can cause lung irritation, breathing difficulties and sore eyes to our operatives and clients, so we only work on those between November to March.
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Some fruit trees have seasonal tasks eg Apples and Pears between October & May, and Cherry & Plum trees between June & September.
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Crown Lifting & Crown Reduction
Diagnosis of Pest or Disease
Stump removal
Cleaning Out & Thinning
Hedge Trimming
Cornwall Tree Surgeon, Toby Clark, Hayle. Cornwall Tel:07815 771502